• The Center of the World
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    California: The Center of the World

    At the Center of it All Driving I-8 through the California desert between San Diego and Yuma, Arizona, you will see a sign for Felicity, CA, Population: 2. Take the exit and you will discover that Felicity is in fact the official Center of the World. For $3 you can step into the mind of Jacques-Andre Istel, the founder of Felicity and explore the somewhat surreal place he has created here at the Center of the World. For another $2 you can enter the pyramid, and stand on the marker that marks the exact location of the Center of the World, and even get a certificate indicating that you have…

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    The Great(est) Pyramid of Cholula

    When you think of Great Pyramids, you probably think Egypt and when you think of Cholula, you probaly think hot sauce. The city lends its name to the sauce, but the city of Cholula is not home t0 its creation or production – it does however, have a much more impressive claim to fame. Cholula is home to a Great Pyramid. Visiting the site in person, it really is hard to imagine what the state of the pyramid might have been 500 years ago, but it is certainly possible even today to mistake it for a giant hill. Cholula is located in the state of Puebla, nestled between a few…

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    3 Pros & Cons of Living In Mexico (as Expats)

    These are just a handful of things we have discovered about life in Mexico that we weren’t really aware of before we made the move. Whether you are planning to move to Mexico, or just hope to visit these are some things about Mexico that might take you by surprise! Pros Cons Pro Lots of Fiestas! Mexico loves to party, and some times it feels like people here will make any excuse to celebrate. A lot of the fiestas are tied to Catholic holidays, which can vary from region to region, and areĀ  celebrated on specific dates. The length and extravagance of the festivities depend on who or what is…